Writing Workshop

Join our French language workshop classes, where you can practice and grow your French written skills!

We will be holding writing workshops from March to May, where you can join and recieve personalized instruction in French writing, spelling, and grammar for a very nominal price!

  • Small Group

    5 Persons Maximum

  • 2021: March, April, May and Summer classes

    Workshop runs from March to May 2021: For all from 10 to 100 years old!

  • Topic of the Month for March: Famous Women

    Each month's workshop will focus on a chosen topic, and international women's day is on March 8th!

  • Topic of the Month for April: The Law of Attraction

  • Topic of the Month for May: Differencies of Culture between USA - France

Slide Pricing to Fit Your Budget


$250 / 5 classes
  • Small group of 5 students
  • On Wednesday: July 7th - 21st - 28th & August 4th - 11th From 10:30am to noon
  • Topic: Write down your dreams. Pick one or a few. We will develop and focus on your goals. How to make your dreams happen by giving yourself the possibilities to achieve them. Are you ready? Papers, pencil & Go! (you also can work on your computer if you prefer 🙂

One Class

$15 - $25 / class
  • Purchase on a per-class basis
  • 1h 15m of personalized tutoring in every class