Cover of children's book "Cannelle la Demoiselle". Featuring watercolor painting of red haired little girl with cat.

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Inspired by a True Story. Once upon a time there was a little French girl, “Cannelle la demoiselle”, which translates to “The Little Girl named Cinnamon”. Cannelle is based on the true story of my daughter that I started when she was 4 years old.

Golden Gate Bridge.

Ladybug drawing

Cannelle has grown over the years.

Cannelle has grown together with my daughter. Today, in 2019, my daughter is 11 years old. We still live in California, in the San Francisco bay area, in the United States. My daughter was not allowed to return to her home country, France, for 6 years. Her mom, in the book, is a journalist, her passion is writing and traveling. She wants to share with her daughter Cannelle her love for writing and her taste for travel.

Eiffel tower.

A girl with a lust for travel.

Cannelle will visit a new country once a year with her mom. It is their humble participation in helping the planet: take a plane just once a year. Cannelle meets “Bonbon le Chaton” (“Candy the Kitten”) in Paris, France, the first country of my first book.

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Welcome to San Francisco.

In the second book, Cinnamon lives in San Francisco with 3 other little friends: Plush the Raccoon who fears nothing, Pelote the Huge Soft Lizard and Pearl the Pelican who thinks he’s a dog. Not to mention her friends at Berkeley Bilingual School, where my daughter actually attended school for 7 consecutive years. Thank you to our little friends for their patience and enthusiasm to follow the wonderful adventures of Cannelle la Demoiselle and Bonbon le Chaton!

Thank you for joining Cannelle and us on our adventure of the world!

Children's drawing of ladybugs

Child's drawing of pig with wings.

Child's drawing of pig with wings.

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